About Us

Our Product Range

Focus Products have established many leading brands in the marketplace. Drugsmart is a highly sort-after drug testing device, particularly used by the
SAPS and schools. Attention has been paid to superior quality products such as auto lancets, pregnancy tests, female condoms, water disinfectants and mosquito
repellents. We have established many quality products on the shelves of pharmacies throughout the country.

Some of our own brands:

Drugsmart drug tests, Lotus Non-Balloon Catheters, Stay Away insect repellents, Easy Cup pregnancy tests, Cupid female condoms, Focus oxygen concentrators,  Focus X-ray film and Focus developer and fixer, just to name but a few. VitaVallis is a product that fights infection in many different situations. We have also obtained the rights to the gold standard in trauma bandaging, which is used by NATO, American and Australian military, as well as EMS units worldwide. We continue to add new products.

Mining companies, National Department of Health, SAPS, neighbouring countries and international aid organizations have come to rely on us for a quick effective supply of a range of medical items, medical equipment and medical disposables.

Although small in stature we leave a large footprint in terms of service and pricing.

Focus Products service, modern products, always on time and without fail